250+ World-class Business Acceleration Experiences

Our Team partnered with organizations and businesses, including Carlsen Financial and Rachel Carlsen CPA, to help sponsor over 250 networking and socially conscious business acceleration experiences, helping thousands of entrepreneurs learn, grow, thrive, and give.

There are extraordinary opportunities that are out there, and unbelievable things that can be built. And every problem that we face as humans is an opportunity to build a solution and a business. - Ashton Kutcher (Keynote, Sponsored Business Summit)

Events have included both small masterminds and large-scale summits designed to educate and inspire socially conscious entrepreneurs. We also supported our community members and event attendees with business services to help them succeed.

Events have featured world-class speakers, entertainers, professionals, and iconic business leaders such as Richard Branson, Diddy, and John Paul DeJoria.

Events are often anchored by red carpet galas with calls to action in support of both startup and established nonprofits led by visionary business leaders.

Through the lens of consciousness, our future is determined by how well we can integrate these two parts of our mind; the spirit and technology. My hope is that we’ll be able to celebrate the arts, music, the movies, the pageantry a thousand years from now!” - James Cameron (Sponsored Gala)

Networking events are designed for community building and the development of meaningful collaborations with like-minded professionals and influential individuals from all walks of life.