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Changemakers Keep their E.A.R.S to the Street to Feed the Homeless

Rachel Carlsen, Founder of Create Impact, was on-hand to help Los Angeles-based community nonprofit Food on Foot distribute food, clothing, and essential supplies to 280 neighbors in need.

We participated and congratulated Food on Foot's hard-working Jobs & Housing members during their end-of-day Awards Ceremony. These folks are currently experiencing homelessness and are devoted to earning their way off the streets with jobs, fully-furnished apartments, and life-skills training.

How can you help? If you would like to make a lasting change in the lives of our unhoused neighbors, please consider joining FoF's vibrant $98 Club community. Your monthly sustaining gift plays an essential role in providing consistent funding needed to help their dedicated team

A recent graduate, Morgan says, “I can now sleep safely in a warm bed, cook my own food, and shower every morning – leaving me ready to start my work-day with energy and enthusiasm. Thank you, Food on Foot!”


ABOUT E.A.R.S. (a Create Impact™ Initiative)

Guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for a better world by 2030, the E.A.R.S. | Action to Impact Initiative helps organizations and individuals make a meaningful impact in their own communities.

We keep our E.A.R.S. to the street, listening to the needs of community leaders around the world and collaborating on social impact initiatives that help move humanity forward.

We also work with a wide range of organizations to amplify important calls to action, honor achievement, and promote the Global Goals.


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