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Changemakers Help You to Live a Dream Life

Hourglass Bride - a DreamLife Platform - dedicates 10% of the gross proceeds to making a difference through our Changemakers Campaign!

Fitness, Health, Fashion, Solutions, Answers, and the Fairytale Come True!!!

Rachel Carlsen and Create Impact™ have teamed up with Dame Nicole Brandon to launch the first ever landing pad and launching pad for the Keys, Tools, Secrets, and Wisdom to Lead an Ultimate Dream Life.

Nicole Brandon is an actress, humanitarian, author, speaker, world-class athlete, member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council, and a chosen carrier of the “World Peace Flame.”

Experts and Celebrities share their gifts and knowledge:

Fitness and Wellness Programs, Relationship and Lifestyle Advice, Wedding Planning, an Entertaining Book Series for every stage of your relationship, and upcoming Network Television Shows. Features in development will include a New Innovative App, a Successful Podcast featuring the World’s Top Innovators and Minds, and a Worldwide Streaming Media Company.

Featuring experts from the ground-breaking documentary film, The Secret, the Award-Winning Team has garnerd 120 Grammys, 31 Tonys, 90 Emmys, 22 Tellys, and have sold over 600 MILLION Books worldwide

On Valentine's Day 2023, we launched the Dream Life platform: HOURGLASS BRIDE!

Hourglass Bride features Lifestyle & Fitness Programs, Online Courses, Books by Best-selling Authors, and the upcoming Television Series, "Dream Body, Dream Day."

10% of Gross Sales Support Create Impact™