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Changemakers Donated More Than $4,000 To Selah Freedom To Prevent Sex-Trafficking

Members of our Team, partnered with Rachel Carlsen and other organizations, helped contribute more than $4,000 to Selah Freedom to help bring light into the darkness of sex trafficking.

Through awareness and fundraising campaigns that included a red carpet gala and business summits featuring iconic entertainers and world-class speakers.

Photo credit: Selah Freedom

Selah Freedom is a nonprofit anti-human trafficking organization, based in Florida and the Midwest, with the mission to end sex trafficking and bring freedom to the exploited through five strong programs: Awareness, Prevention, Outreach, Residential and Organizational Consulting.

Selah Freedom actively confronts the issue of sex trafficking and is being upheld as the model for how to effectively bring solutions to survivors of sex trafficking & exploitation.

Selah is a Hebrew word which means to pause, rest, and reflect. They give survivors a chance to do just that. Women in their programs have an opportunity to dream again; to discover who it is they were created to be.

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