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Music for COVID Relief Supporting MusiCares + Brave of Heart Fund + Cast Member Pantry

Our Team partnered with Rachel Carlsen and other organizations to help 90's era Mouseketeers reunite in partnership with MusiCares®, The Brave Of Heart Fund, and Cast Member Pantry on music for COVID Relief - Why? Because It’s Christmas

Produced in 2020 at the height of the pandemic by the MMC'89 Social Impact Initiative and in partnership with Always In The Club Foundation and Rachel Carlsen CPA, the Why? Because It's Christmas holiday album debuted at #21 on Billboard!

"Music has such a unique ability to heal and unify us, and we’re so grateful for our position to continue to support music creators and professionals in these uncertain times. The direct impact we’ve been able to make on our music community during the pandemic would not be possible without the generosity of partners like Always In The Club." - Laura Segura, Executive Director of MusiCares (Beneficiary of Holiday Album)

"We are grateful to Always in the Club for its efforts to raise awareness for the Brave of Heart Fund. Contributions like this one will allow the fund to support even more families of fallen healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic as they navigate their unimaginable losses." - Holly Welch Stubbing, President and CEO of E4E Relief (Beneficiary of Holiday Album)

"We are so thankful for this partnership, lots of exciting things coming from this group! They are so eager to help us serve the Cast Member community." - Emily Lartigue, Founder of Cast Member Pantry

See the initial launch report below:


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