More than $100,000 Raised for Startup Nonprofits

Our team in partnership with Carlsen Financial and Rachel Carlsen CPA, supported year-long campaigns to raise awareness and funding for startup nonprofits.

Pictured: Matthew McConaughey speaks at our event in support of his Just Keep Livin' Foundation

Through a series of sponsored events, our team's efforts were part of an initiative to support startup nonprofits founded by visionary business leaders working to move humanity forward.

Events featured keynotes from influential individuals such as Matthew McConaughey, Ashton Kutcher, Halley Berry, Richard Branson, John Travolta, James Cameron, Mario Lopez, and American Idol's Randy Jackson, among many others.

Through our team's fundraising efforts, we were able to direct the distribution of more than $100,000 to outstanding startups founded by visionary community leaders.

Startups nonprofits included My Life My Power (pictured), Firelife Foundation (pictured), Feed A Billion, and Already Always Amazing, among many others.

Ashton Kutcher spoke as a representative of his THORN.

Quincy Jones was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award and spoke on behalf of Quincy Jones Foundation.

Halle Berry held a discussion supporting Jenesse Center for Prevention of Domestic Abuse.

James Cameron gave a keynote address supporting startup organizations in Los Angeles, CA.

IAPF and the staff of Create Impact hosted a keynote discussion with John Travolta supporting its work to train and empower startup nonprofits.