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Thank You For Supporting Our Organization

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Thank you for helping us Create Impact!

"Your support helps us make a difference in communities throughout the country."


- Rachel Carlsen, CPA (Founder)

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Create Impact™ is a woman-led 501(c)3 organization founded by Rachel Carlsen, CPA. We are focused on helping nonprofits and socially conscious entrepreneurs who want to give back.  We take the time to help organizations meet their purpose, successfully implement policies, internal controls and regulation, initiate fundraising campaigns with impact, and create a strategy for success. While working within the UNDP's 17 Global Goals, we turn Action into Impact! With fundraising campaigns designed to take your organization to the next level. Our Fiscal Sponsorship Program, not only allows you immediate access to tax deductible donations for your organization, it also launches your organization into a new world of offerings and fundraising campaigns that we can help implement. Let us help you take the administrative nightmare out of running your nonprofit. ​ Get Started Today!


We listen to the needs of community leaders and collaborate on social impact initiatives that help move humanity forward

Our efforts have helped more than 10,000 social entrepreneurs learn, grow, thrive, and give, and our awareness and fundraising campaigns have generated billions of media impressions and raised millions of dollars for both startup and established charities.

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"We are so thankful for this partnership, lots of exciting things coming from this group! They are so eager to help us serve the Cast Member community."


Emily Lartigue

Cast Member Pantry


Visit the links below to learn more about our programs, services, and events.


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